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Why be someone else when it’s so much cooler, and so much more chill to just be you. nobody can sing like you, talk like you, walk like you. even if they found your shoes hanging from the power lines and somehow got them down. even if they found them half priced on a shelf.

no one can walk in your shoes, even with silky slick socks, it’s a indentation, a memorization and the steps don’t rest the same.

I know that this place can cause so much worry, so much pain. As if you only contribute with zero gained. This life can wrinkle you like a paper bag if you let it.
but take that bag and use it to carry home your favorite candy bars. make some coffe, enjoy some art and realize this world is beautiful and you are just deserving as anyone to live your part.

A great man once said the world is but a stage, well I say tear it down because pretending to be someone you’re not isn’t worth an applause. and later we can use the wood from the stage for a bonfire.

you are such a majestic creature
and artist, a preacher
a learner, a teacher
you are not some serendipitous cluster fuck
that just so happen to be born
you are a god, stolen from were space and time were torn
and when you are old and lovely and finally take your leave
everyone will know that you loved everything about yourself and you no longer needed that bag to breath.


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